The wordplay in puns encourages learners to leave the literal world and think more figuratively.  It also offers many opportunities for students to analyze, evaluate, and create, all while giggling though the tasks.

The document I use to introduce puns can be downloaded here: Puns Practice.doc (5,7 MB)

This is a homework assignment in which students write analyses of puns: Analyzing the Humor in Puns.doc (27,5 kB)

There are endless amounts of internet resources for puns.  These links provide a good summary of the many forms of puns: 



Here are examples of Tom Swifty puns and some practice working with them: Tom Swifties.doc (1,4 MB)

This document provides possible Tom Swifty endings so that students can create their own: Tom Swifties Create Your Own.doc (28,5 kB)  Examples of original, Tom Swifty sentences created by 5th grade students are below.

Examples of Original Tom Swifties